The foyer Tanjomoha was created in 1986 by Father Vincent Carme in order to provide professional training to young people with physical disabilities. The centre has diversified since it was founded and today cares (amongst other things) for malnourished children, orphans, sick people and other young people from destitute villages.

Inspired by the Gospel message of love, the foyer Tanjomoha welcomes the poorest people in the area without discriminating on grounds of race, gender, religious or ideological beliefs. Our goal? Enable these people to enjoy a better future, by providing health care and education.

The foyer Tanjomoha acts according to three mantras:

  1. Educate : three centres at Tanjomoha,
  2. Treatment : three centres at Tanjomoha,
  3. Development : many projects in the region of Vohipeno.

Tanjomoha is currently headed by Father Emeric Amyot d'Inville and a team of Vincentians and Daughters of Charity.

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