Tuberculosis treatment

TB is on the increase in Madagascar. It is vital to act before this highly contagious disease becomes too prevalent. The foyer Tanjomoha is engaged in a determined struggle against it.

The small centre opened in 1997 and consisted of just two small wooden boxes. Since then, it has continued to grow. Today, "Tasrarivotra" has 90 beds with the level of hygiene and comfort required. A doctor, a nurse, a caregiver and a staff member for the kitchen are employed by Tanjomoha to operate the centre.

Patients with tuberculosis (or suspected of having contracted it) come to Tsararivotra for: screening, treatment and final checks. In addition to the distribution of drugs supplied by CHD 1 of Vohipeno, we offer patients a good diet, rich in protein, as well as a medical follow-up.

The foyer Tsararivotra welcomes and cares for more than 250 sick people each year!

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