Treatment of Disabilities

Young people with disabilities are also at Tanjomoha in order to improve their mobility. We strive to achieve this through medical checks, orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation, and orthopedic equipment manufacturing.

Orthopedic control

Doctors from the CRMM (Centre de Rééducation Motrice de Madagascar) visit every year from Antsirabe to examine the disabled people at Tanjomoha and the surrounding area. They prescribe a course of action for rehabilitation and orthopedic equipment and sometimes surgical operations.

Orthopedic operations
Some of the disabled people have not had an operation when they were little, and must undergo surgery, carried out in the hospital of Héninstoa Vohipeno for some years, by a French surgeon. Approximately fifteen people have operations every year. The most common operations treat the after-effects of polio, club feet, equine feet and trauma.

Each young disabled person must practice an hour of rehabilitation per day, in a room designed for this purpose, according to the directions of the Doctors. A sister, from the Daughters of Charity, directs rehabilitation, in collaboration with her assistant.

The pedorthic

The Orthopedic workshop of Tanjomoha aims to equip disabled people from the foyer, but also those outside the foyer. Every year the 4 skilled workers who work in the Orthopedic workshop make or repair hundreds of orthopedic shoes, braces, dentures, Canadian canes, etc.


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