The "foyer Deguise"

A centre for orphans and vulnerable children

In Malagasy society, orphans were traditionally welcomed into their extended family. However, due to the combined problems of deepening poverty and the weakening of social structures, more and more children are abandoned or poorly supported by their families. These children are welcomed to the foyer Deguise. Each of them has a tragic story...

This foyer was built following the cyclone Gretel, in 1997. Today it houses more than sixty abandoned children, who either have both a dead father and mother, or who have a dead mother and an alcoholic father, or in other cases have mentally ill parents. They are brought to our attention by someone who is aware of their situation, for example by a gran sister, by neighbours or by a nun from their village. On some tragic occasions, a mother has asked us to look after her children before dying at one of our clinics. Each time we conduct a thorough on-site investigation, contacting the child's extended family, the local authorities or the Church. When no familial solution is possible (and only as a last resort), we welcome them to Foyer Deguise.  

They are then immediately supported, cared for, fed, housed and educated. Foster children at Foyer Deguise experience the warmth of a family atmosphere - safe, peaceful and happy - under the guidance of their educators. They find peace and joy in their lives, confidence is instilled in them and gradually their emotional wounds, which have scarred their hearts, begin to heal.

They are prepared for a better future through education. They study in the private schools of the city of Vohipeno. Those who are able to, continue their studies in a private school in Manakara and some even progress to university or colleges, while others move towards technical education at Tanjomoha. They stay at the Foyer Deguise until they no longer require our support.

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