The "foyer de Carme"

A home for young people from marginalized villages

In the region of Vohipeno, the Antemanaza tribe has lived on the fringes of society for centuries because of ancient prejudice which has given rise to cruel and completely fictitious legends. This "fady" maintains segregation between locals, insulating the Antemanaza tribe. These outcast people inhabit mainly the villages of Nohona, Tanambao and Tanantsara, which are not located far away from Vohipeno.

Father Vincent Carme, founder of Foyer Tanjomoha, went to live among these villages for 2 years to show them that they were entitled to human dignity. He also hoped to gradually bring down these invisible barriers, through education and by preaching the Gospel.

In September 2000 the Foyer De Carme was started. It is designed to receive children and young people from these marginalized villages, to enable them to pursue secondary education in good conditions. The Foyer de Carme is an organized and friendly boarding house, of thirty students, with a dining room, schoolroom, dormitory and playground. Students study in private schools in the city of Vohipeno. Some of them then pursue graduate studies in other cities.

The context of Tanjomoha is also an excellent catalyst for the building of friendships between young people from different tribes. They pursue the same studies, play the same games, and enjoy the same leisure activities. This new generation can bring down a 'wall' which has existed for 500 years!

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