Ambolosy canteen

Ambolosy is a small village in the north of Tanjomoha. In 2006, we became acquainted with this population, who were living in extreme poverty and who had come from a region located 30 km south of Vohipeno. In 1996, they were driven from their territory as a result of tribal conflict and settled on the edges of Vohipeno, without land or rice fields, trying to survive by making charcoal and living in tiny huts. They were miserable and unhealthy.

The children were dirty, very thin, ragged, sickly and uneducated and it immediately aroused our compassion. We had to do something for them...

The first action of foyer Tanjomoha was to send children at Ambolosy to public school (tuition, supplies, blouses ...). Yet this was insufficient: these children did not eat enough and could not study in good conditions. The Ambolosy canteen was opened in September 2006 and currently hosts 77 children both for the morning meal and for the lunch. Some of the food is supplied by WFP and Foyer Tanjomoha provides the rest.

Ambolosy est un petit village au nord de Tanjomoha. En 2006, nous avons fait connaissance avec cette population, d'une extrême pauvreté, originaire d’une région qui se trouve à 30 km au sud de Vohipeno. En 1996, ils furent chassés de leur territoire à la suite d’un conflit tribal et se retrouvèrent aux portes de Vohipeno, sans terres ni rizières, cherchant à survivre en faisant du charbon de bois, vivant dans de misérables cabanes minuscules et insalubres.

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