St Luke school

Nohona and Tananbao belong, like Tanantsara, to the rejected Antemanaza tribe. These two villages are fairly isolated. The children of these villages are invited to go to the primary school of Tananstara St Paul, located about ten miles away. However,it is neither possible nor practical for toddlers go so far to study at kindergarten.

This is why, according to the vow of Father Vincent Carme, the Foyer Tanjomoha opened a kindergarten with two classes. It was located primarily in a local small wooden house. Then Foyer Tanjomoha fitted out two classrooms on the site of the old church.

There are now nearly 70 students who joyfully begin their education. Like her gran sister St Paul, st Luke school would like to open to children from other villages. However, it has not been possible yet... Hopefully one day it will happen.

A canteen, with food provided by WFP, is also organized for lunch, in collaboration with the children's parents who do the cooking. 

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