St Paul school

Tanantsara village is located in a densely populated place, where villages are very close together. The purpose of St Paul school was both to provide good quality education and to promote understanding between children of different tribes. (See presentation Foyer de Carme)

In this spirit of social integration, a nursery and primary school, with 8 classrooms, was built at the entrance of the village by Tanjomoha. St Paul School, which began with small numbers (mainly from villages Antemanaza), quickly gained the confidence of other villages and grew fast, driven by excellent results. For several years, 100% of our students have been admitted to the CEPE.

The school now has 340 students, from a dozen villages. Students whose parents and ancestors were fighting are now growing up on the same class benches!

The foyer Tanjomoha, supported by WFP, also supplies a school canteen for lunch.

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