The foyer Tanjomoha also runs two schools and three canteens in the bush of Vohipeno:

  1. St. Paul school and canteen, Tanantsara,
  2. St. Luke kindergarten and canteen, Nohona,
  3. Ambolosy canteen.

Each of them has a specific reason to exist, a specific social injustice to fight against.

St Paul school

Tanantsara village is located in a densely populated place, where villages are very close together. The purpose of St Paul school was both to provide good quality education and to promote understanding between children of different tribes. (See presentation Foyer de Carme)

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St Luke school

Nohona and Tananbao belong, like Tanantsara, to the rejected Antemanaza tribe. These two villages are fairly isolated. The children of these villages are invited to go to the primary school of Tananstara St Paul, located about ten miles away. However,it is neither possible nor practical for toddlers go so far to study at kindergarten.

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Ambolosy canteen

Ambolosy is a small village in the north of Tanjomoha. In 2006, we became acquainted with this population, who were living in extreme poverty and who had come from a region located 30 km south of Vohipeno. In 1996, they were driven from their territory as a result of tribal conflict and settled on the edges of Vohipeno, without land or rice fields, trying to survive by making charcoal and living in tiny huts. They were miserable and unhealthy.

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