Development projects

The foyer Tanjomoha launches agricultural or rural development projects every year. The few examples listed below are not exhaustive.

Agricultural development projects.

This is our development priority. For several years, Tanjomoha has financed and promoted many activities to improve food security in the district.

  1. By training hundreds of rural monitors in new farming techniques,
  2. Cyclone reaction programs (2010 and 2011) to assist the thousands of families (5000, 8000, 11000 and 14000) whose lives are disrupted by the devastating cyclones.
  3. Drainage and irrigation work has been conducted in many towns, creation of a roadblock at Vohindava.

Rebuilding houses.

Following the terrible cyclones Hubert (2010) and Binguiza (2011) that ravaged the region of Vohipeno, the foyer Tanjomoha has launched an extensive program of housing reconstruction.

Over 1000 strong houses were 'flat packed' at Tanjomoha and were then sent to be erected in the villages. These houses were strenuously 'stress tested by the cyclone Irina, in 2012 and were able to withstand the flooding brought in its wake!

Planting trees.

Deforestation has been widespread in Madagascar. The effects of 'slash and burn' have caused widespread soil erosion and untold harm to flora fauna and wildlife. The Southeast district, once covered by vast primary forests, rich woods and various species, is now just a collection of bare and infertile hills.

One solution: planting trees! The original planting incentive program was launched by Tanjomoha in 2006 and reached new heights in 2011. In six months, the foyer planted 32,000 trees itself. The aim is to continue to do so for 4 years. We now have two goals:

  1. ensure that Tanjomoha becomes financially self sufficient in 15 years, through sustainable wood exploitation,
  2. provide an example of both profitable and sustainably managed forests to encourage the local population to plant!

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